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Feb. 7th, 2009

taco stand sky (d)

since you read things I write, it's kind of like I control your brain...


So I'm moving my lj to variella  completely; add that lj to your flist if you'd like to keep up with my whirlwind of fascinating activities. I'll add you back, of course. Most entries are flocked.

Reasons for changing:

-this username is stupid; I never intended to be on lj more than once when I made it up. Then it was too late. I do not want to pay for a change name token.

-need some distance from the House fandom; I think it has jumped the shark, but I still really like everyone I've 'met' in the fandom.

-starting something new is awesome. I've had the variella one a couple years, but I did a better job with tagging and so on.

goodbye and goodnight :)

Oct. 27th, 2008

taco stand sky (d)

and some days you merely ask yourself

the title is from a poem which becomes far more existential than I care to be just now.

Here it means asking myself, why are you almost finished your first double Irish coffee of the day?
Ans: because I feel like it (mood=maudlin and yes, I know alcohol doesn't help but it sure is helping right now).

I'm planning on another one.

Hmmm, much as I'd love to make drunken phone calls in another hour, I'm wondering if the novelty of AM drunk dialing would seem as wonderful to my friends as it will to me fairly soon (what can I say, I'm a lightweight).

I may update.

update: I'm totally not in the music loop; I don't watch Grey's Anatomy, so I didn't hear this song until the other day, listen to Maria Taylor's Clean Getaway here
And, um, I'm kind of either not understanding the lyrics (they're posted in the info section of the video to the right hand side of the page) totally or the ending is open to interpretation. If you have one please let me know.

Oct. 25th, 2008

taco stand sky (d)


You are out at a Cool Restaurant/Bar to Celebrate Your Birthday and you run into two students from the class you were a teaching assistant for.

It was fun anyway. They had yummy martinis and I don't have a hangover and wasn't a drunken fool :)

Oct. 17th, 2008

taco stand sky (d)

attn: font addicts





EDIT: thank you for your help Beth :) And rara :)

Oct. 10th, 2008

taco stand sky (d)

re: the office- business ethics.

best. cold open. ever.

ETA: There is no Cookie Monster singing Chocolate Rain on youtube- well, there is now, I suspect it was only put up by some rabid Office fan.

ETA2: Please let ntg happen to Meredith. She's the only one in the office I could actually see myself being. I mean, what's the difference between her sleeping with the guy and knowing she gets dinner certificates out of it and sleeping with a guy without knowing if he'll even buy you dinner first? Her way is better. Plus haven't they only had the Hammermill account since S03 at the conference in Philly where Micheal pulled that deal out of a hat and Jim learned about Pam's 'date' and Dwight had a 'hooker' (lol) in his room?

ETA3: Oh Jim. The stopwatch. If the accumulated time doesn't drive him crazy, the continual beeping will.


ETA5: LOL BATTLESTAR GALACTICA + wookies + aliens + Harry Potter + LOTR = FTFW. OMG.

ETA6: "How about this- we don't report her, we punish her."

ETA7: omg empty cola bottle. oh Jim you do not get paid enough to sit there.

ETA8:"It's not a family, it's a workplace" Um, Holly? Have you, like, learned NOTHING in your time there? You do not say things like that to Michael Scott.

ETA9: Jim, you dumbass. In proving your point, you MISSED THE WHOLE POINT! PAM TOTALLY WOULD HAVE NOTICED. She's so gonna kill you for that.

ETA10: Holly has a really cute mouth- the kind that has that shape it's supposed to have, as opposed to the rest of us human beings who merely have lips.

ETA11: Corporate-Sanctioned Prostitution. I thought I'd find it funny. But it's... not. I feel really bad for Holly.

ETA12: Yeah, why didn't she just take cash.

Oct. 8th, 2008

taco stand sky (d)

My new default icon.

rara8777  made it. I love it. I probably shouldn't find it as funny as I do, but whatever. Srsly, who gives an interview about watching a DVD logo bounce around the TV screen? And who would make icons of it or bother to save and credit and use them on an lj and then write an entry on said icon.

His hair hasn't looked this good since the end-ish of S2.

Oct. 3rd, 2008

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(no subject)


Well, I should be doing chores around the house, but...

John Stewart has been on FIRE since Monday night. He can barely keep himself together, it's awesome.

Sep. 29th, 2008

taco stand sky (d)


for some office icons and a mood theme...

I hate the icons where they give Pam red hair. Not strawberry blonde, but RED. Like, did you not realize that when you use that filter it also makes her lips and skin a creepy color? It's alarming. I like the 1940s secretary look she's been doing since the beginning of S4 but the bright ORANGE hair and weird red lips make her look like a cheap hooker.

I'm missing the Daily Show rerun.

Sep. 28th, 2008

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everyone loves it, and you do too.

I'm speaking of the new Discovery Channel commercial- you know, the one with the boom de yaddah that sticks in your head?

YouTube has a wealth of animations done to the song. I post the Simpsons one for your pleasure below. First 20 seconds are the best, even the voices seem to match.

taco stand sky (d)


Okay. So, finally watched The Office season 5 premiere.

I was a little apprehensive, tbh. Since 02x24 No Reason of House (oh, actually Lines in the Sand was a partial redemption too), TV has pretty much disappointed me or left me cold. The twelve-second kiss in Half-Wit was a blip.

The office premiere pretty much erased my bad memories of the past two years of crappy TV.

Steve Carell, maybe it took you twenty years to really 'make it' but it was worth it if you spent the time working up to now. Besides the fact that you didn't put your life on hold to do it (his wife is beautiful and smart, they have what, 2 kids?). Plus I have to love you forever for writing Casino Night. Dude, how many times have I seen that and it STILL can make me cry.

Rainn Wilson, you made a character that could be SO overdone into an accurate amalgamation of that toe-the-line annoying as hell coworker that we all want to poke at just to provoke a reaction (Jim's repeated touching of his shoulder in the meeting was SO awesome- flashback to third grade).His love for Angela crosses all lines, but she's the only one he's willing to do it for.

Stanley, I love you. You do your own thing and ignore everyone else except when they annoy you. And it makes me kind of a jerk, but the way you still see yourself as just a step away from the hot young gun you were thirty years ago just kills me. I'll beer you five for that one.

K I'm getting kind of tired of writing, and I still have to do the postmortem w/rara which I guess I'll just cut and paste here. I did like 1500 words of commenting on her lj on the Office entry so go read that if you are on her flist and give a rat's ass what I think. :)

Jim and Pam, you aren't perfect but you're ideal. So. Adorable. Jim when he's trying to keep from smiling too much is just too much for words.THEY'RE FINALLY ENGAGED! See Jim? Never, ever, ever give up.
ooooh, I want to watch Casino Night and then Weight Loss. The contrast would be awesome.

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